Our Ministries

Flowing Grace Ministries provides something for everybody to connect in the community and grow together in faith. We encourage you to get involved with one of our ministries. We believe that spiritual and personal growth is through a consistent lifestyle of worship, learning opportunities, and helping those with support, encouragement, and giving.



Worship Ministry

We are available to support your ministry, special events, provide praise, and worship for any service. 

Sports Ministry

Our Sports Ministry focuses on outreach. We get together to play many different sports i.e. Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, and etc.

Professional Minds

We host professional mind events as a way of empowering our working young men and women in character and standing out in business.

Special Events

Our special events brings people from various communities and works of like together


Join us on the Wednesday morning to pray for a short time. Renew is a perfect opportunity to recharge as you aim to finish the week strong and victorious.





Connecting people with an opportunity to serve with music, soccer, and service to reach out to the church.