Attend one of our Flowing Grace events. Also, you can invite us to support your ministry with music, word, or host an event. We also invite you to join us by downloading our app, enjoying content on our website, and following us on social media. There you will see special events by Flowing Grace that you will not want to miss. You can also join us as a partner where you can empower us financially to do more to the glory of God.


Our Areas of Ministry:


  • House of Worship
    • Worship is not supposed to be confined to big events, an auditorium, or when an incident occurs. We bring worship to your home, creating a perfect opportunity to praise God with family and friends in your own home. We can construct the program and help with the list of guests that are provided. Contact us to see how we can make this a possibility. Let’s praise because He is worthy of it.
  • Music
    • It is all about the worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We join you in creating an atmosphere for our God to inhabit. Our team has dedicated singers, instrumentalists, and technicians. We are available to support your ministry, special events, and provide praise and worship for any service.
  • Special Events
    • Our special events bring people from various communities and walk of life together. Visit our website for upcoming events.