Worship Ministry

It’s all about the worship of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, we join you in creating an atmosphere for our God to inhabit. Our team comprises of dedicated singers, instrumentalist and technicians.We are available to Support your ministry, special events Provide praise and worship for any service Organize house worship (see below) We organize special praise worship events. We are also able to do multiple audio recording of your event

Worship is not supposed to be confined to a big events, auditorium or when there is an incident. We bring worship to your home, creating a perfect opportunity to praise God with family and friends in your own home. We take care of the program and help you with the list of guest you provide. Contact us to see how we can make this a possibility, lets praise because He is worthy of it.

Flowing Grace worship team is passionate about exalting Christ in worship in the midst of His people. Worship is the place to be, the habitation of God. Pour team is made up of Christians from different body of Christ with one common goal and passion. We organize worship gatherings of believers and support ministries when invited to minister.

The heart of the Worship Team is to bring glory and praise to God through our music. The Worship Team travels from one place to another sharing the Gospel through songs. We want to use our voices to draw people to experience God’s grace in a new way. For He states in His word that if “He be lifted up, he will draw all men unto Him.”

We minister through the means of a variety of styles of music to reach to different cultures and communities. We have been to different churches in Lynchburg, Madison Heightes, Beuna Vista, Northern Virginia, West Virginia and Florida. In Florida, we were able to minister at different churches, nursing homes, schools and much more. Our heart is to worship Him in spirit and in truth, making known to the body of Christ His grace and sharing our testimonies of His grace to the unsaved.

Worship of our great God does not have to be limited to the four walls of a church! Many people yearn for a forum of worship where they can feel comfortable to just express their awe and gratitude to God. We know you have the worship in you, so we provide that forum to do it! Flowing Grace offers house worship sessions for individuals looking for an excuse to praise God in the comfort of their homes with friends and loved ones. We want to partner with you to bring the praise and worship of our God to you and your sphere of influence. Contact us to see how we can make this a possibility in your abode.