My typical blog is centered around women’s health. Today I have to switch it up. After a long, trying workday, my only motivation was to return home immediately and unwind. I had in mind my usual self-care routine: drinking tea on my balcony, a sandwich & a show, or a spin class. At that moment during my drive home, I decided I would make tonight a tea on my balcony night. Once I got home, I changed into relaxed clothes then jumped into bed, just for a second… and I stayed there. I was upset with myself. That I would let my bed get the better of me, again. I eventually encouraged myself to a 15-minute bike ride which made me feel better. This blog today is dedicated to the women who can say AMEN to this scenario.

Self-care is often praised but I’m finding it more challenging to practice during this pandemic. During this season, my self-care routines have altered. I can no longer take a spin class in the gym, go browsing at TJ Maxx, get my nails done, or take a tea break at my favorite tea shop. I shamelessly admit, that my self-care moments now involve my bed and a movie or my couch and a show. However, I encourage you all to take the challenge with me to redefine self-care during this pandemic. Let’s try together to get out of the bed or couch and do something different.


Please share your challenges and ideas for self-care routine during this pandemic

Hshkeni Mbom 






How do I take care of my vagina?

Although this is not a question I get often, it is one I wish my patients would ask! Vaginal hygiene is important for three major reasons (In no order of importance, I promise): 1) Yes, let’s talk about sex baby. Proper vaginal hygiene can affect pleasure during intercourse. 2) Women let us not hide the fact that we want our vagina to smell good, or at least “normal”. A great smelling vagina is unwelcomely tied to our confidence. We want to know if our partner was truthful when they said, “yeah! it smells normal”? Lastly, 3) Improper or poor hygiene can lead to vaginal infections.


After purchasing an expensive piece of clothing, you may check the label for the proper way to wash the item so that you get the most wears from it, and so that you do not ruin the item. So do you see how I think it’s funny that I have NEVER been asked the question, “how do I clean my vulva/vagina?”.


Like many women, I learned from family (my sisters) and television. However, I want you to think simple—Just. Use. Water. The vagina (inner canal leading to the uterus) will clean itself, no need to douche, or perform any inner cleansing routine. The exterior, or the vulva, just needs to be cleansed with water and you may use a gentle washcloth if you need to clean the inner folds a bit better. The vulva and vagina is crawling with good bacteria called Lactobacillus. This bacteria has many properties including keeping bad bacteria from multiplying.  The goal is to allow these good bacteria to flourish. Therefore, cleanse with water, consume foods with probiotic properties like kimchi, kefir, kombucha, or yogurt, avoid soaking in hot tubs, avoid douching, avoid scented sprays/cleansers/sanitary products for women, wear cotton only underwear, wear loose-fitting clothes, and try to remove wet clothes as soon as possible like after a workout or after swimming.


Hshkeni Mbom     MSN. ARNP. CNM

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord,…” Jeremiah 30:17